Friday, September 7, 2012

ObamaCare for Liberals...

ObamaCare for Liberals...

There are many people who are concerned about the price and quality of healthcare.  Because of this, liberals have come up with a "solution".  However, the problem with liberal “solutions” to anything is – they almost always make the problem worse. I say “almost” only because I’m sure there was a time or two when they did solve some problem – I just have never heard of one - but I digress.  Liberals call their "solution" healthcare - Obamacare.

Before we get into how Obamacare will make healthcare worse? First, you need to understand why Obamacare was implemented. It was implemented to “solve” the problem of increasing healthcare costs. Remember this – this is important.

Let’s look at the liberal’s track record of "solving" problems - liberals hate that – this is when they start calling conservatives names. Liberals have tried many times to control the costs of various products/services over the years – and they have failed – over and over again.

Do you remember when liberals, via the government, “solved” the high price of gas in the 1970’s? The liberal “solution” was to put price controls on gas. This “solution” resulted in gas rationing; people were limited to how much gas they could buy and they could only purchase gas on odd or even numbered days. This was the time when people waited in lines for hours to get their ration of gas. It’s also the time when gas siphoning became the latest fad – which coincidentally was a boom for Democrat voters.

Do you know about the time when liberals, via the NY City government, “solved” the high price of apartment rents? The liberal “solution” was to implement rent control. This is when apartments in the South Bronx and many other areas in NY began to look like a 3rd World Nation. Building after building was burnt down because landlords could make more money from the evil insurance companies (when their buildings burnt down) than they could by renting apartments to people. Remember those people the liberals were trying to help? They now had nice comfy refrigerator boxes to live in.

Do you remember, recently, when the liberals, via government, “solved” the high price of flu vaccines? The liberal “solution” was to put price controls on flu vaccines.

This “solution” resulted in there not being enough flu vaccine to go around – this liberal “solution” probably killed people – or, at least, gave a lot of people the runs.

Do you remember, recently, when the liberals in California, decided the price of electricity was too high? The liberal “solution” was to put price controls on electricity. This is when California had rolling blackouts and brownouts.

These are just a few of the more widely known examples of what happens when liberals try to “solve” problems.

The latest liberal “solution” to a real problem – is Obamacare. Healthcare costs in this country is a problem which needs to be addressed by adults – not by liberals. Liberals don’t “solve” problems – they create them. Obamacare, will make the healthcare cost problem – WORSE! I’ll let you contemplate what I mean by worse and why I say so – helpful hit – look above at previous examples of liberals trying to "help" the little guy; people waiting for gas, people who had no place to live because of all the burnt down apartment buildings, rolling blackouts, etc.

Obamacare – will make healthcare much worse! And when it gets worse – Obama will blame the rich and the Republicans and, sadly, there will be people who will believe him.

If people vote for Obama because he and they are for Gay Marriage and partial birth abortion – I can understand that because - he will and has fought for Gay Marriage and Partial Birth Abortion.
But for those people who vote for Obama because he’ll lower the price of healthcare – that is just plain “silly” J
And although I love to tell people "I told you so" after the fact – our country and our children cannot afford to allow Barack Obama to continue to “solve” our problems.
Now onto my next project - whooping someone I know in a game of "Words with Liberal Friends or ex-Friends"!

"You Can't Take the Bronx Out of My Dad"..."The Final Chapter..."

"You Can't Take the Bronx Out of My Dad"

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Would Democrats Sell their Mothers into Slavery?

Those of you who read my blog know I am a Mitt Romney supporter. Based on his experience, his political views, and his temperament I believe he has the best chance of beating Barak Obama. Based on recent news stories and polls it appears a plurality of Iowans agree with me; I say this because all indications are that Romney will win the Iowa Caucus(es). This is encouraging because it tells me Republicans won’t waste their votes on a protest candidate; it tells me Republicans won’t be “McCained” again; and it indicates that Republicans aren’t willing to play Russian roulette with America’s (and their children’s) future like they did in 2008.

By now, everyone knows why I’m for Mitt Romney but do you know why I am so passionately against Obama and the Democrats? No? Well, you’re about to find out.

Before I get into the details, I need to talk to my a-political friends.

I know you don’t follow politics, I know you find it boring, I know you consider all politicians to be the same, I know you believe they are all corrupt. I know all this, but you’re wrong, all politicians are not the same and all political parties are not the same! The Democrat and Republican Parties are different. The Democratic Party has evolved into the “America Sucks” Party and President Barak Obama is the “America Really Sucks” President. Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan is going to be “Yes, America Sucks but it would Really Suck More if I wasn’t president!” Because of this the Democrats need to be defeated at the poles in November.

My a-political friend - you are needed in this fight - yes fight! We need everyone who cares about this country and their children’s future to fight against the Democrats and Barak Obama!

The Democrats and Barak Obama have their hands on the lever and they are about to flush our country down the toilet!

Barak Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party are more interested in power than in the present or future well being of the United States or your children. Democratic leaders like, Barak Obama, Nancy Pelozi, Harry Reed, Barney Frank, Rahm Emanual, David Axelrod, and many others would sell their mother’s into slavery if it meant they would stay in power. No, this is not hyperbole - they would sell their mother’s into slavery in exchange for becoming President, Senator, Representative, Secretary of State, or head of the FDA - well maybe not for the head of the FDA but for the other positions their mothers should consider skipping the next family get-together.

The leaders of the Democratic Party, with absolute complicity from the main stream media, manipulate the poor and the uninformed on a daily basis. These two groups, along with political and legislative payoffs to unions and well connected businesses, plus gerrymandering, have been enough for the Democrats to win election after election when their policies go against the common sense of all sensible people.

In case you’re not aware of this - our country is disintegrating financially. We need to take serious steps to get our financial house in order. We need to take these steps very quickly - our time is running out! Every serious person understands that fundamental financial change is needed if this country is going to be the “Shining city upon a hill” that Ronald Reagan once talked about. We don’t look like a Shining city right now - we look more like an Opium smoking drug addict and our dealer is China and Barak is lighting us up. We are addicted to borrowing their money and like a drug addict we need to stop right now. To stop our addiction to China’s money we need to grow up and act like adults - we need to control our appetite for spending. The changes which need to take place include the following:

 Tax Reform
 Social Security Reform
 Medicare Reform
 Medicaid Reform
 Immigration Control
 Unemployment Insurance Reform
 Nuclear Power Plants
 Oil Pipelines
 Oil Drilling
 Eliminate Federal Cabinet Departments

Obviously I haven’t gone into any detail related to these issues because I’d bore my a-political friends to death (I know, too late) but I will summarize them very succinctly. The government needs to spend less then it takes in through taxes. But why haven’t our political “leaders” made any of these common sense changes?

Why haven’t they made decisions to reduce spending on these issues?

Why haven’t they reformed taxes?

Why haven’t they allowed the Keystone Pipeline to be built?

Why haven’t they allowed any nuclear power plants to be built?

Why haven’t they made reasonable modifications to Social Security?

Why haven’t the controlled our borders?

Why? Why? Why?

The liberal media says it’s because the Republicans and Democrats refuse to work together. I’m here to say - nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is - it’s the Democrats that refuse to make these changes. Yes - the Democrats - and only the Democrats! It is the fault of Barak Obama and the Democrat leaders in the house and senate. PERIOD! The Democrats don’t want to make these changes. They have repeatedly refused to make any of these common sense changes.

Democrats do NOT want to reform taxes, they don’t want to reform social security, they don’t want to secure the borders, they don’t want to build pipelines, they don’t want to build power plants - in short - they don’t want to do anything that will help this country.

Why don’t Democrats want to help this country? It’s because, to a Democrat, it’s much more important to be reelected than it is to help our country and our children’s future. They have small cliques of constituents who don’t want these things passed and they know they can rely on the liberal media to cover-up their culpability in the matter.

If you doubt me on this - consider the Keystone Pipeline issue. Do you know the story about Keystone? If you don’t, let me know, I’ll give you the full, unadulterated truth. It’s the epitome of the liberal media covering up the anti-American Democrats at work - screwing American’s in exchange for the environmental freak vote.

So, in conclusion, yes, it’s true, Democrats would sell their mothers into slavery if it would keep them in power. This is why it’s important for the Republicans to nominate someone who can win - and why all you a-political people need to get into the game - our country and, more importantly, our children need you!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mitt Romney is the next Ronald Reagan...

Recently, I’ve learned how Joseph Merrick (the Elephant Man) must have felt like when he screamed, “I am not an animal...” Over the past few weeks, since I’ve announced my support for Mitt Romney, I’ve been subject to a barrage of verbal abuse from my conservative friends. In fact, at times I’ve been tempted to scuttle away while screaming, “I am not a sell out, I am a human being!”

Unlike Joseph Merrick, I have decided not to scuttle along and accept the insults and derisive comments which have been directed toward me. Why? Because - I'm right! Yes, I'm right again. ;) As i've stated previously, Mitt Romney has the best chance of defeating Barak Obama! Newt Gingrich will lose, Ron Paul will lose, and the rest of the candidates will make the race too close for comfort.

But, again, why Romney? For those of you who don’t realize it - Mitt Romney is conservative. In fact, he is VERY conservative. Many people refer to him as moderate and some even ridiculously refer to him as a liberal Republican - nothing could be further from the truth. Since when is a candidate who believes in lower taxes, smaller government, secure borders, energy independence, a strong military, federalism, and conservative Supreme Court justices - considered to be moderate or liberal? I challenge anyone to point to anyone of his stated policies which indicates he is liberal or moderate.

Also, for those of you who don’t realize it - Mitt Romney is an outsider. He has never worked in Washington DC, he is not a darling of the Republican establishment, and he’s certainly not a friend of the liberal establishment. I’ve never seen an example of him receiving or giving political favors from or to any Washington insiders. I challenge anyone to provide an example of how Mitt Romney has benefited from his inside the beltway political relationships. Has he received $1.6m from any quasi-government organization in exchange for him pedaling his influence? Not that I can see.

Additionally, for those of you who are easily manipulated when the words “flip flop” are applied to conservative politicians by the liberal media; isn’t it okay to flip flop if your new position(s) is/are conservative. Personally, I’m glad Ronald Reagan flip flopped from the Democrat to the Republican party. I’m glad Bill Clinton flip flopped on welfare reform and signed the Republican welfare reform legislation. I’m glad Barak Obama flip flopped on Guantanamo. On the issues Mitt Romney has allegedly flip flopped on - has he changed from conservative to liberal positions or has he become more conservative?

If my comparing Romney to Reagan is tempting you to use the line, “I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine...Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan” - I have a few points. Mitt Romney is as conservative as Ronald Reagan! Yes, I said he’s as conservative as Reagan! On issue by issue - Romney is as conservative as our own Ronaldus Magnus!

Now, let me tell you one more way Romney is similar to Reagan - Romney doesn’t scare moderates or independents. That’s right, it’s important for conservative Republicans not to be scary. Why? Because the liberal media WILL demonize the Republican candidate and try to make people think he or she eats children. I remember very clearly how the liberal media tried to demonize Reagan when he ran for the presidency in 1979. Why didn’t it work? Because when people watched and listened to Reagan they could see he was a decent guy - and they ignored the media. In the same way, Romney doesn’t scare people; he’s a nice guy and so it will be difficult for the liberal media to demonize him.

Sorry, but I need to make this next point, because it’s critical for conservatives to accept. It is very easy for the liberal media to demonize Newt Gingrich. Why? Because HE LOOKS EVIL! Newt, although he might be the nicest man in the world, has a face which (with a little help from the liberal media) will give children nightmares. He is the human incarnation of a character from Underdog - Simon Bar Sinister. Yes, it’s sad but true, looks do matter in a presidential election. But not to worry - Republicans have several MORE conservative candidates than Gingrich running this year.

Okay, back to my Reagan comparison. Another way Romney is similar to Reagan is how he can articulate the conservative message. When you listen to Romney explain and defend his positions on the issues it becomes very apparent he has a deep knowledge and understanding of the issues. For some unknown reason it has been a challenge recently for Republicans to nominate candidates who can speak in complete sentences. Do you remember how George H.W. Bush mangled the English language? Do you remember how George W. Bush mangled the English language? We should be thankful the Democrats nominated two morons when GW ran - Gore and Kerry. Do you remember how John McCain articulated conservatism? No? Neither do I - because he couldn’t. Romney, on the other hand, has a deep grasp of why conservatism is the best political, economic, and moral philosophy - and he does an excellent job defending it. I will concede that Romney isn’t Ronald Reagan when it comes to giving a speech; but, there was only one Ronald Reagan - nobody has ever given better political speeches than Reagan.

So why am I supporting Mitt Romney? Is it because I’m a sell out to the conservative cause? NO! It’s because Mitt Romney is the most articulate Republican running for president. It’s because Mitt Romney is an outsider who has no ties to Washington DC and the Washington DC political establishment. It’s because he’s the MOST conservative and most importantly he will beat Obama - and end this nightmare called the Obama Administration!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Romney and NOT Newt...

Ok, I have discussed the main issues which are important to most conservatives. Now let’s look at each candidate’s position on these issues. I will make this very simple - because it is very simple. There is almost no difference between the candidates on all the important issues - with the exception of Ron Paul.

Supreme Court Justices

All the Republican candidates claim they will appoint judges who interpret the U.S. Constitution. They say they will appoint judges in the mold of Antonin Scalia and John Roberts. In case you don’t realize it - this is great. Scalia and Roberts are great justices who understand their role as Supreme Court justices.

Let me remind all my conservative friends - our current President believes the U.S. Constitution is a “living and breathing” document which changes with the times. He nominates liberals to the Supreme Court who use their vote in an attempt to change our country into a liberal utopia; a country based on liberal ideology which goes against the will and common sense of the people.

The Environment

All the Republican candidates claim they will take a balanced approach to the environment. They will use the county’s resources to meet the needs of our country while protecting the environment. This means drilling for oil where it’s appropriate and allowing for the construction of nuclear power plants where it’s appropriate. Also, they all claim they are against Cap and Trade, the Kyoto Protocol, and all the other left wing, radical, environmental movement programs.

Let me remind all my conservative friends - our current President places the wants and desires of the Environmentalists above the needs of our country.
Case in point, he is threatening to veto legislation which will allow for the construction of a pipe line which will bring oil from Canada to the U.S. The construction of this pipeline will provide us with more oil/gas and it will create REAL jobs. There is no reason why any reasonable man would veto this legislation. So why is he threatening to veto it? He is threatening to veto it because of the Environmental lobby - period.


With the exception of Ron Paul, all the Republicans believe we live in a dangerous world which requires a strong U.S. military. Of course there are some candidates who would use the military more aggressively and others who would use it less aggressively.

War on Terror

With the exception of Ron Paul, all the Republicans believe the War on Terror is being waged against radical Islam and because of this, they will aggressively pursue radical Islamist terrorists. Of course there are some candidates who would go after the Terrorists more aggressively and some who would be less aggressive but they (except for Ron Paul) would continue the policy of killing Terrorists.

The Economy

All the Republicans believe we need lower taxes, less regulation, and a balanced budget. Of course there are some candidates who would more aggressively lower taxes, reduce regulation, and balance the budget - and there are some who would be less aggressive.

Let me remind my conservative friends that the Obama Administration has taken a bad economy and made it worse. He has taken the BAD decisions made by the Bush Administration and said, “I’ll take your 5 bad decisions and I’ll raise you 50 bad decisions!” Obama is the second coming of FDR. FDR took a bad economy and he implemented liberal economic policies which created the Great Depression. Obama took a bad economy and he implemented liberal economic policies which has created the Great Recession.

As a side note, Ronald Reagan took a bad economy and implemented conservative economic policies which created the biggest non-war time boom in the history of man.

So, to summarize, there’s not much difference between the Republican nominees (except for Ron Paul).

I can hear some of my conservative friends saying, “Ken, you’re down playing the difference between...” or “There’s a big difference between...” or “If he’s elected he will...” or “If he’s elected he won’t...” To that I say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

In my humble opinion, there is not a perfect Republican running. There is not a Ronald Reagan in the current group of Republican candidates - there are GOOD conservatives, very GOOD conservatives - each with their own flaws - like we all have.

But let’s not forget, we have a president who is trying to fundamentally change our country. He has taken all the bad decisions that all the previous presidents have made and he’s stepped on their shoulders and said, “I can top your bad decisions - watch this...” The unemployment rate was bad when he took over - it’s now worse. The deficit was bad when he took over - it’s now worse. The debt was bad when he took over - it’s now worse. Crony Capitalism was bad when he took over - it’s now worse. These - and many, many, many other aspects of our country - are worse now because of his policies (yes, his policies) and if we want our children to live in the greatest country in the world we must defeat Obama!

That must be the objective! That must be the goal! That is what MUST drive our decision when selecting the Republican nominee - WHO CAN BEAT OBAMA?!

I can guarantee you that I’m more conservative than most people, I’m certainly not an elitist, I’m not part of the mainstream media, I’m not part of any good ole boy network, and I’m not a sell out! But - I am for Mitt Romney! Why? Because he will win and Newt will lose!

How can I say this? Because, my fellow conservative, we make up 35% of the electorate, while liberals make up 30% of the electorate. The other 35% don’t watch Fox News, they don’t listen to Rush, they don’t read conservative blogs - they don’t know (and don’t care) about many of the issues we care about. They make their decisions based on the cover of People Magazine at the grocery store check out. They make their decisions based on how people look and sound. We need a conservative candidate who can appeal to conservatives but also to this a-political 35%.

Let me make this clear - Newt Gingrich will lose against Barak Obama. Newt will make you feel great while he’s debating Obama because he will put Obama in his liberal place. He will show Obama for what he is - a condescending liberal! But guess what? As you’re sitting on the couch reveling in the #@$ whooping Gingrich laid on Obama - you will see the polls that ask, “Is Newt Gingrich really the devil?” or “Do you think Newt Gingrich will use the Atomic Bomb?” or “Will Newt Gingrich eat your children?” Who remembers "The Gingrich Who Stole Christmas"?

These questions will be put on People Magazine and Ms Magazine and all of a sudden the a-political 35% will say, “He just looks so mean.” Then Newt will lose the election 51% to 49% and you’ll wonder why these 35% are so stupid.

More to come...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Setting the Stage for Why I'm Supporting Mitt Romney...part two...the issues...

To understand why I’m supporting Mitt Romney, I will first discuss the issues which are important to me and many of you. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but hopefully it will be enough to make the issues (and my position) clear.

Supreme Court Justices

We need a society where the role of the government is clearly defined. In many cases the elitists overstep their role and the Supreme Court becomes the arbitor. The role of the Supreme Court in making their decisions should be like that of baseball umpires. They should know the rule book (the U.S. Constitution) inside and out and they should make their decisions based on what is written in the rule book. They shouldn’t pick winners and losers and they shouldn’t make up new rules in the middle of the game. Democrats pick justices (umpires) who make up their own rules and pick winners and losers. Republicans usually pick justices who make their decisions based on what the U.S. Constitution says. Keep this in mind. If we elect a Democrat, we can be guaranteed we’ll have more Ruth Bader Ginsbergs, more Sonia Sotomayors, and more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs...if we elect a Republican, we have a chance at having more Antonin Scalias, more Sam Alitos, and more John Roberts.

The Environment

Our country, and its’ people, need to be good stewards of the environment. This means using the environment to benefit people, both now and in the long term. We need to consider the impact of our actions today on the environment of tomorrow. If we elect a Republican we can expect a reasonable balance between the needs of the environment and people - both now and in the future. If we elect a Republican, we have a chance we will drill for more oil and build more power plants here and be less dependent on foreigners. If we elect a Democrat, we can be sure the spotted owl, European Eel, and the Mediterranean Monk Seal will take precedence above humans. If we elect a Democrat, it will be more difficult to drill more oil wells or build more nuclear power plants.

States Rights

We need a president who believes there are limits to his power and the power of the Federal Government. Our government is based on federalism - political power is dispersed to states, counties, cities, and PTA’s. Part of the greatness of our country is the fact that our president (you know, the guy who acts like he's a King, Czar, or Emperor) doesn’t make all our decisions. Our country was based on most of our decisions being made at the state level. Over the past several generations Washington DC and the elitists (aka, our masters) have been taking more and more power away from the states - and the people. If we elect a Democrat, Washington DC (and the elitists) will take more and more power away from the states - and the people. If we elect a Republican, we have a chance that some of the power Washington DC has stolen from the states will be given back to the states. If we elect a Republican, there is a chance that decisions like education, housing, abortion, gun control, the gay agenda, and many, many, many other issues will once again be made where they should be - at the state level.

Foreign Policy

We need a president who is proud of our country and protects the interest of our country. If we elect a Democrat, we can expect more “The U.S. Sucks” tours. If we elect a Republican, we have a chance our countries interests will be protected.


We need a president who understands we live in a dangerous world with dangerous people and because of this we need the strongest military in the world. We need a president who will use the military sparingly and with specific objectives in mind. We need a president who believes it is unacceptable to commit our troupes to places like Afghanistan for 10 years.

We need a president who believes in SMART objectives for our military;

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Relevant
T - Time Sensitive

Here’s a SMART objective, “We will take out the terrorist training camps and the Taliban government in Afghanistan by January 2008."

Here’s a dumb objective, “We are going to turn Afghanistan into a democracy.”

War on Terror

We need a president who understands what terrorism is. It’s militant young Islamist men who want to kill Americans (and others from the west). It’s not little old ladies and young children getting on a plane during Christmas time.

The Economy

THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IS OUR BUDGET - BORROWING $40 FOR EVERY $100’s WE SPEND WILL (AND IS) PUSHING THE UNITED STATES OFF A CLIFF. We need a president who is brave enough to balance the budget - right away. We need a president who is willing to do the following things - plus many others which I won’t get into right now:

1. Social Security and Medicare need to be fixed. The retirement age needs to be increased and only people who are needy should be given money. Also, NO MORE HOVERROUNDS!

2. Federal agencies need to be abolished (YES, ABOLISHED); the Department of Education (this is an oxymoron), the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Energy.

3. Federal Government Regulation passed by the administration should be voted on by congress when it will have a material impact.


Taxes need to be reformed with the following ideas in mind:

a. They need to ensure the United States has low corporate taxes to encourage investment at home.

b. Everyone needs to pay taxes so that income tax rates can be low.

c. Rates should be low and deductions should be eliminated.


By most estimates we have somewhere around 12 million illegal immigrants in this country - 12 million people who have come into this country without being invited. We need a president who will secure the borders. He should build a fence in some places, fly drones in others, and have military posts in other. He should work with states and localities to help round up illegal immigrants so they can be deported. There shouldn’t be any talk of amnesty. Why should there be? If you’re here illegally you need to get in the back of the line and wait just like everyone else. If we find you while you’re here you will be deported.

I’m done for now...let’s move on to the question at hand...

So why am I supporting Romney?

Coming next...a review of all the Republicans running....

Friday, November 25, 2011

Setting the stage for my support of Romney...

Our country has been on a long, and sometimes meandering, course towards neo-socialism and Statism since the time of Abraham Lincoln. Sometimes the course has been fast and furious; like during the times of FDR, LBJ, and Obama. Sometimes the course has been slowed to a crawl, like during the times of Coolage and Reagan; but there certainly cannot be any doubt we have been on course toward central control of the economy, and most other meaningful decisions, for a long time.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone - all societies, yes - ALL - have a tendency for the self proclaimed elitists to pursue the consolidation of power into their small cliques. All societies - from the literati in Dynastic China, to the Brahmans in Southern Asia, to the Dukes, Earls, and Barons in European Monarchies - have had a relatively small group of people (who arrogantly believe they have a “mandate from Heaven”) rule over the common people.

This historic tendency of elite control over the common people took a short hiatus - ONCE - and only once. The elite’s control over the common people took a short reprieve when OUR country - the United States of America - was created. A piece of paper, called the US Constitution, put controls over the central government. By putting controls over the central/federal government - it put controls on the self proclaimed elites in our society. The US Constitution made clear what the role of the federal government was - AND - (I would argue) more importantly what the federal government couldn’t do.

This piece of paper, The US Constitution, clearly states the Federal Government can’t make rules related to free speech, guns, religion, etc. The most powerful statement in The US Constitution is the 10th Amendment - it states, “The powers not delegated to the United State by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” In other words, the federal government cannot make rules over the lives of individuals - except where the Constitution gives permission.

The 10th Amendment was a thorn in the side of the elites for a long time; but slowly AND surely the elites have used the Constitution to wipe their #$#@ for a long time. They disregard the Constitution and the controls and limits it puts on them!

We are currently in the midst of a fight - a fight between the elites and the commoners. Who are in the elite class? The main stream media; NBC, CBS, and ABC. The professors from the elite universities in the United States; Harvard, Yale, etc. The Board of Directors from the largest companies in the United States; Banks, Investment Firms, etc. And, of course, many politicians. These four groups have a symbiotic relationship - they work closely together to ensure they keep their elite status while they appease the commoners. In order for these elites to maintain their positions they need something - that something is taxes.

The elites need the commoners to send them enough in taxes to do two things - first and foremost - they need enough money to maintain their standard of living. But secondly, they need enough money to “give” benefits back to the commoners. Now, of course, the commoners are worse off - by funneling their money to the elites, the elites taking their cut, and the remaining money going back down to the commoners - the commoners lose and the elites win.

But why don’t the majority of the commoners realize this? Think back to the symbiotic relationship between the media, the universities, big business, and politicians. The politicians tell the commoners they need “shared sacrifice”, aka more taxes. The main stream media (who live off of insider access to the politicians) tells the commoners the politicians are correct - “the only way to survive is with shared sacrifice (more taxes)”. Then the professors (who receive grants/money from the politicians) tell their students - “the only way to survive is with shared sacrifice (more taxes)”. Then, even the “greedy” businessmen (who receive tax breaks from the politicians) tell their people we need “shared sacrifice”. By the way, these are not the owners of small businesses - they are big business who lobby politicians - and secure their position in the market place by putting regulations on their competition.

So, again, why don’t the majority of the commoners realize this? Because everyone they hear from is telling them the same lie. They are told they will be hurt if they don’t give more taxes to the elites. We are living during the “Kings New Clothes” times. The elites are attempting to swindle us - again - by making us believe an obvious lie. Only this time, if we allow it to happen - our children will be the one’s to suffer.

So what is the situation we now find ourselves in - as the elites have taken over more and more power? We are now on a very short trip to disaster.

The elites have put us in a position where almost 50% of American’s don’t pay federal taxes, while more than 50% receive some kind of federal payment. In a “democracy” or more accurately a “republic” is this situation sustainable? No, and that’s why we need a why have I decided to support Mitt Romney?